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Heena & Chause
15 September 2023
We had initially sent requests to each other, and Heena declined my request because her bucket list already had many people. However, unknowingly, she rejected it, and that's how our slow communication began. It took around 1 to 2 weeks of regular chatting before we started having calls. When trust started to build, we began communicating through WhatsApp audio calls instead of regular calls, as Heena wasn't comfortable sharing her number so quickly. After a month of conversing through WhatSapp audio calls and getting to know each other better, we both felt a sense of understanding and trust. That's when Heena shared her phone number. Initially, I discussed Heena's profile and details with my parents and family at home. After seeing Heena's photo, they were delighted and gave their approval. Interestingly, Heena hadn't even seen my profile photo; she only knew about me without seeing my picture. For a month, we relied solely on calls. Then, we decided to meet at each other's homes. When we discussed our relationship at Heena's house, her mom and uncle invited me over. From there, our story began, even though a significant hurdle arose due to issues at my home. I come from a middle-class family and live in a chawl, so seeing my home initially raised concerns of rejection. However, I took a rented place and shifted there. Only then did Heena's family begin to trust me, and we fixed our engagement date for August 13th, 2023. Also we would like to invite a found and team of team for our wedding. Our parents will happier to see Mr.Mittal Sir in my wedding. This marks the beginning of a new journey with Heena. I am grateful for this website and Mr. Mittal for creating this platform. I genuinely love this site. Thank you