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Abhijit Dalvi & Archana Shinde
15 June 2013
One fine day I received an interest from It was from a girl named Archana Shinde. As it was my 1st interest received from the time I had registered on, I decided to give it a go just to get the feel of this ''arrange marriage'' thing. After discussions through emails and phones, our parents decided to have a formal meeting. Although the 2 families had a lengthy discussion, I a bit scared and worried was quite all through the meet. And I guess this was what which din't appealed to Archana and her family and as expected, we got a negative reply from them. Days passed by, but I was not able to get over that meeting. Somehow I had a feeling that the decision was unjust as I din't got a fair chance to express myself. I couldn't speak that day may be because of the pressure of meeting a girl for marriage discussion or may be it was my 1st such meet. Thinking this, I decided to call Archana after 8-10 days of their reply. After much thinking and discussion, even she thought of giving me a fair and one more chance. So we decided to meet one more time, but this time without the families. A mall in Malad was decided as the venue for our meet. This time I reached well before in time, well prepared with flowers in one hand and a box of chocolates in other. And may be this was enough to set the stage for further discussions. We both got so much engrossed in talks that din't realized how couple of hours passed by. Phone calls and emails continued later as well and gradually that meeting turned in to friendship. I don't know what clicked between us, especially after that initial ''NO''. But that couple of months of friendship has now changed into lifetime of association. The auspicious day of 'Maghi Ganesh Jayanti' on 13th Feb 2013 was decided as the D-day for both of us by our parents. I know this all sounds too Filmy, but that's the reality of our life. Today, Archana and I are happily married thanks to But the question still remains unanswered, what will you name it: Arrange marriage or Love marriage. I call it love arranged by Shaadi!!