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Kaustubh & Tejaswi
25 November 2017
It was a match meant to be! It was I (Kaustubh) who sent her invitation to connect (as usual it is the guy who has to do the hard work, but hey, no complaints!). To my surprise, the invitation was accepted by Tejaswi within 5 minutes and then we started our chat. After a brief initial introduction on, we exchanged our phone numbers and then we started our calls and Whatsapp conversations. To our surprise, despite our different backgrounds, our thoughts matched a lot! This is exactly what matters in our opinion and financial status, caste, etc should not really be a deterrent. We loved the way we bonded and how both of us wanted a simple wedding. We decided to go ahead and meet at Mumbai, where she was working then. We met and fell in love. The funny thing is, our families first met each other only after our nod of approval which is quite opposite what generally happens in arranged marriages. One advice for all the aspiring grooms and brides out there. Take things slow. Do not give out all the information about yourself upon first contact. Let the other person reach out to you and you too should do the same. This way, hearts bond together and magic happens! All the best! P.S. Great thanks to team for the wonderful portal they have created and developed!