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Anant & Amrita
16 June 2017
To pen it down in simple words it would be hard for either of us. It is no less than a fairy tale where in a girl,living a free spirited life falls head over heels with someone. Thank You Shaadi.Com for making it happen in our case. To start with there were inhibitions from both of us pertaining to " How my future partner would be" , "How does arranged marriages feel like" and so on. I would say in whole matrimony community, I'd be among the most luckiest girls so far. The reason being finding your life partner within half and hour of creating your profile.Who could be much luckier. No pain I had to take ,my profile was created on 18th Nov'16 ,21st Nov'16 there we were: right in front of each other and rest I would say is history which I would love to go through again and again with the same person. I can go about writing how we met , how the right chord was struck between we 2 etc etc. Its just a matter of good fortune and luck to get your life partner at the right time and right place. I never believed in arranged marriages esp found over matrimony's, but i have no shame accepting that to have said yes for creating profile was the best thing I did for myself. I can understand why people go gaga over their partners after wedding (If he/she is the right man/woman), I feel the same. We took time to understand each other and gel well before we tie the nuptial knot.*** These are the best days of any couple's life*** Between engagement and marriage***We got engaged on 12th Feb'2017 and have uploaded the photos.The whole nation was busy with "Why did Kattapa kill Bahubali" and I was busy taking the sacred vows with Anant. Wedding date: 28th April'2017