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Omar & Sameen
18 April 2016
Sameen had originally sent me a request in February 2014, but I had been ignoring many of the requests for several months. Eventually, around the March/April time frame, I decided I should at least try to decline some of the requests, and decided to start the process of doing so. So, I think I recall that I had seen her request, but before declining, I at least read profiles. When I read Sameen's profile, I thought "Wait, why haven't I at least contacted her?" So, when I got a chance, a few weeks later, I showed her profile to my sisters, and they approved. I signed up for a membership to send her a message, and waited. I didn't hear anything, and noticed that she hadn't signed on in a while, so didn't really expect much, but at the end of May, I got a response: apparently she had signed on solely to delete her profile, but saw my message. So, a few emails, a few phone calls, and a lot of texting followed. Eventually, in October, while attending my Masters program, she wanted to know where I stood, so I realized that I'd like to know her better, and at the very least, meet with her. In November, my family went to visit her in Maryland, and it was quite positive. They came to visit us in December, and on Valentine's Day this year, we went ahead with the engagement. Now I have to finish my Masters, while in the meantime arranging things for a wedding less than 5 months away. But honestly, it's totally worth it.