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The ethnic community of Kolis primarily inhabits the western coastal region of India, particularly Maharashtra, Gujarat, and Karnataka. The Kolis place a strong emphasis on family and community values, which have been influenced by the local culture of the region. Koli matrimony traditions and customs are however unchanged across the community. A typical Koli marriage is arranged by the parents of the elders of the family within their close-knit community. The strong sense of community in the Kolis is accompanied by their unparalleled generosity and hospitality, and a Koli wedding is a reflection of the same. The ceremony is seen as an auspicious opportunity to bring together the entire community and host a joyous celebration amid their traditional rituals.

The brides and grooms of the Koli matrimony community value education and ambition while seeking partners and are successfully established in a range of professions, including agriculture, trade, commerce, and corporate. They find interests in prospective partners who can embrace the beauty of their traditions and adapt with the changing times. Their deep-rooted beliefs and their commitment to togetherness are what lay the right foundation for a successful marriage.

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30 yrs, 5' 2"", Hindu, Koli, Delhi

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26 yrs, 5' 3"", Hindu, Koli, Raigad

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28 yrs, 4' 10"", Hindu, Koli, Delhi

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26 yrs, 5' 2"", Hindu, Koli, Nashik

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